Visual storytelling

Milk is a collective of journalists, designers, communication planners and visual artists from all around Europe. We’re here to make good things visible, so they don’t get lost in the hubbub of today’s world.

Visual storytelling magazines and platforms for niche or professional audiences. Clients include international healthcare and technology companies, as well as creative bureaucracy organisations such as the UNDP.
Social media content, social media magazines and shows for both B2B and B2C businesses.
Visual storytelling campaigns and projects for architects, real-estate developers, city councils and other placemakers.

Brand magazines and edutainment platforms for care-focused companies (healthcare, prevention, food, living, joyful essentials), public institutions, retailers, e-commerce, and hospitality entrepreneurs.

Who we work with
CEOs, CMOs, brand managers, content directors, brand and communication strategists, e-commerce managers, chiefs of communication, project managers, mayors, managers of public organisations and city councils, entrepreneurs.

Selection of clients
UNDP, Curaden, Curaprox, Unilabs, various real-estate developers, multiple city councils and institutions, O2, Intesa Sanpaolo (VÚB bank), Achmea, Cybex, Innovatrics, ERNI technologies.

What we do
1. Visual explanation of hard-to-understand topics such as technologies, governance or healthcare.

2. Photostories that promote your ideas/values, popularise your product or bring large-scale traffic to your e-commerce platform.

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Visual identities

Visual identities for businesses and institutions: growing e-commerce retailers, B2B companies, digital and tech products, retailers, NGOs, professional organisations.

Design meets city life: visual identities for real-estate developers, city institutions and their projects, city-defining hotels, events, cultural venues and restaurants.
Editorial design: newspapers, magazines, brand and internal magazines, digital content platforms.

Who we work with
Brand managers, e-commerce managers, internal art directors and design directors, chiefs of communication, product managers, urbanists, architects, managers of public organisations, entrepreneurs, managers of cultural organisations, editors-in-chief, publishers.

What we do
Visual identities, logos, communication materials, visual merchandising, social media identities and assets, brochures and catalogues, motion and animation, photography, magazine and newspaper redesigns, brand magazines and content platforms.

Selection of clients
Ambiente restaurant group Prague, Sziget Festival, Pohoda Festival, Theatre Institute, Profesia Group, Websupport, Powerology, Dedoles, City of Bratislava, Compass Architects, Marko&Placemakers, Imagine Development, Cresco Group, JTRE, HB Reavis, Fach, Iasai, Achmea, Innovatrics, Buffet Clothing, Absynt Publishing, Slovart, Forbes.

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Concepts and planning

Project vision, positioning, key messages, narratives & stories, for businesses, institutions and places.
Long-term campaign concepts, program concepts, communication architecture, communication portfolio design and e-commerce media planning.
Creative consultancy, creative and visual direction, commissioned art, public space interventions.

Who we work with
CEOs, shareholders and boards, CMOs, campaign managers, innovation officers, sustainability officers, marketing directors and managers, communication directors, program managers in NGOs.

What we do
Project vision, positioning & naming, brand language and structure, key messages, narratives & stories, communication architecture, communication portfolio design, e-commerce media planning, lead generation media planning & infrastructure, creative concepts and direction.

Selection of clients
Innovatrics, UNDP, Cybex, CTZN platform, Curaden, Curaprox, Intesa Sanpaolo (VÚB bank), JTRE, Cresco Group, Accepted platform; A large pool of entrepreneurs, city project managers, real-estate managers, architects, urbanists, communication strategists.

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Work with Milk

Making good things visible

Milk is an international collective of journalists, editors, designers, communication planners, project facilitators, creators, photographers, illustrators, animators and other visual artists.

We work with CEOs, CMOs and project leaders of international healthcare companies, technological companies and governance and development organisations like the UNDP; local branches of corporations such as O2 or Intesa Sanpaolo; placemakers such as urbanists, real-estate developers, event organisers or hospitality entrepreneurs all around Europe; mayors of cities and project leaders of city institutions.

We help them design portfolios of communication projects and programs, tell their stories visually through magazines and social media content, engage and activate their audiences and ensure their visual style is distinctive, consistent and overall balances business and beauty.

Our work is sometimes connected to brands and products; at other times, we work independently from commercial influences.

What we do

Digital magazines
Print magazines
Social media content
Edutainment platforms
Literacy programs
Content campaigns

Visual identities
Logo design
Editorial design
Design systems
Motion design

Project vision, positioning & naming
Communication architecture (structure and design of your communication portfolio)
Key messages, narratives & stories
Campaign concepts
Program and project concepts
Audience and trend research
Creative and visual direction
Commissioned art
Public space art and interventions

Data & media
E-commerce media planning
Lead generation media planning
Data crunching
Program and project KPI setting


We would be happy to meet you on Zoom or in person in your city. We travel frequently to Vienna, Zürich, Prague, Hamburg, Torino, Milan and London.

Head office
Palisady 59
811 06 Bratislava

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