Place visions and narratives

Milk Places is a multidisciplinary team of strategists, designers, architects, writers, placemakers and artists who build local identities for cities, districts and places. Through research, narratives and content-driven activation, we engage audiences in growing relationships to places, building active communities around them.

Naming and positioning for real estate developments to establish and communicate long-term visions, make future value visible and attract businesses, users & visitors.
Key messages, narratives & stories for sensitive, historical and regeneration projects that require careful planning and management of stakeholder relationships.

Local narratives and identity building for public spaces and cultural institutions to engage citizens, support initiatives and build communities.

Branding and storytelling for architects, real-estate developers, city councils and other placemakers whose strategy is to build sustainable places that engage users in their stories and narratives.

Visual identities

Communication support, visual identities and content platforms for real estate developers, public institutions and NGOs to support their efforts in sustainable mobility, progressive urban design and engaging public spaces.
Design meets city life: visual identities and content for events, festivals and cultural venues both permanent and temporary, enabling people to take active part in building their communities.
Visual storytelling for city institutions and their projects to clearly communicate intent and value for the community – social, economic and environmental.

Place activation strategies

Creative consultancy and art direction for public space interventions, including commissioned art and creative strategy that engages people and activates urban areas.
Long-term campaignd and program concepts for complex urban projects, using communication architecture, planning and visual content to clearly communicate complex ideas for whole city districts.
Strategies, visions and ideas for temporary interventions and cultural curation to help destination building and place activation.

Who we work with
Real estate clients, city municipalities, public institutions, architects, urbanists, masterplanners, entrepreneurs, cultural organisations, editors-in-chief, publishers, citizens associations, NGOs, entrepreneurs, brand and marketing managers.

What we do
1. Naming, positioning and visual storytelling

2. Visual identities for places and placemakers

3. Temporary interventions and activation design

4. Visual storytelling and magazine content

5. Research and design direction for cities

Selection of clients
Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava, JTRE, HB Reavis, City of Košice, Bratislava Old Market Hall, City of Bratislava, Compass Architects, Alto, Penta Real Estate, Marko&Placemakers, Punkt, Imagine Development, Cresco Group, multiple city councils and institutions.

Our approach
We believe in authentic content, quality architecture and engaging public spaces, and our approach to building place identities is centered around engaging existing and future users in the story and narrative of the place.

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Meanwhile City: Shaping places through temporary interventions

Offering actionable lessons, best practices and inspiration for city leaders, urban practitioners and private developers, Meanwhile City is a guide on how to use temporary interventions to shape the identity of places and build active communities around them. Find out more and ask for a print copy here!

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Making good things visible

Milk is an international collective of journalists, editors, designers, communication planners, project facilitators, creators, photographers, illustrators, animators and other visual artists.

We work with CEOs, CMOs and project leaders of international healthcare companies, technological companies and governance and development organisations like the UNDP; local branches of corporations such as O2 or Intesa Sanpaolo; placemakers such as urbanists, real-estate developers, event organisers or hospitality entrepreneurs all around Europe; mayors of cities and project leaders of city institutions.

We help them design portfolios of communication projects and programs, tell their stories visually through magazines and social media content, engage and activate their audiences and ensure their visual style is distinctive, consistent and overall balances business and beauty.

Our work is sometimes connected to brands and products; at other times, we work independently from commercial influences.

What we do

Digital magazines
Print magazines
Social media content
Edutainment platforms
Literacy programs
Content campaigns

Visual identities
Logo design
Editorial design
Design systems
Motion design

Project vision, positioning & naming
Communication architecture (structure and design of your communication portfolio)
Key messages, narratives & stories
Campaign concepts
Program and project concepts
Audience and trend research
Creative and visual direction
Commissioned art
Public space art and interventions

Data & media
E-commerce media planning
Lead generation media planning
Data crunching
Program and project KPI setting


We would be happy to meet you on Zoom or in person in your city. We travel frequently to Vienna, Zürich, Prague, Hamburg, Torino, Milan and London.

Head office
Palisady 59
811 06 Bratislava

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